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One of My Favorite Quotes...

"...I felt that the badly-constructed, over-ornate, meaningless furniture that was turned out in such quantities by the factories was not only bad in itself, but that its presence in the homes of the people was an influence that led directly away from sound qualities which make an honest man and a good citizen. It seemed to me that we were getting to be a thoughtless, extravagant people, fond of show and careless of real value, and that one way to counteract this national tendency was to bring about, if possible, a different standard of what was desirable in our homes."

All About Me

Smith Custom Woodworks was founded by Derald A. Smith craftsman and woodworker. I started out in 1997 by making home decor and furniture items for my family and friends as gifts to avoid purchasing mass produced junk. Within a few years I expanded my craft to building kitchen cabinetry and built-in case goods for my own home. Later as my experience training and skills developed, I turned my hobby into my business and began producing fine furniture pieces and home decor items for sale and as custom work.


People who have fine furniture, cabinetry and window treatments custom made are looking for quality pieces that fit their lifestyle and unique living spaces. Whether they are looking for kitchen cabinets, built-in book cases, a dining table, bed, chest, entry table or coffee table, they have the opportunity for their piece to be custom made to have the characteristics and dimensions they are looking for. There is no production line. Each piece is uniquely handmade, one piece at a time, giving each of my clients a unique, one-of-a kind look and feel in their home.






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